70% of Companies Are Significantly Overpaying for Shipping with FedEx, UPS, and DHL, Every Year

Our clients typically recapture 12% – 20%
of their total annual parcel spend with FedEx or UPS.

How much money can we save YOU?

Want to see if you are in the 70% being overcharged?

Our free nationwide parcel rate comparison will show you exactly how much you could save each year on your parcel spend.

FREE Nationwide Rate Comparison

We provide a FREE comprehensive analysis to help you determine if you are getting the lowest rates possible with FedEx, UPS, and DHL. This is a custom report specific to your current account and existing rates.

Automated Services

NO time commitment to implement or run.

NO software or hardware to install

NO time commitment from your logistics or finance teams

Locate Lost Refunds

When the shipping company loses or damages your merchandise they owe you. It’s time to get paid.

Compare Carrier Agreements

When the shipping company loses or damages your merchandise they owe you. It’s time to get paid.

Real-time Reporting

Utilize the dashboard to respond to potential savings immediately.

Automate Your Data

We all love a good spreadsheet, but automating your shipping data puts actionable information in your hands immediately. No formula needed.

"It's like Autocorrect for FedEx"

Instantly identify potential savings and put that money back in your budget. Our clients save an average of 15-20% on their FedEx and UPS bills. And, they do it with no disruption to their other processes.

We’ll help you identify savings and make sure you are getting the most competitive rates possible.

Overcharges Made Obvious

We’ll analyze your shipping invoices and identify overcharges to help you find potential savings as quickly as possible.

Our audit and recovery reports can even be automatically filed with your carrier every week.

in 5 minutes...

Once you sign up, we'll immediately start recovering roughly 1-5% of shipping spent by catching carrier errors.

in 2 weeks...

We then walk through a performance analysis with you, giving us a chance to find big (routinely 20-30%) savings opportunities.

in 1 month...

You'll be seeing meaningful results that make a significant impact on your business. Remember, we only get paid when we reduce your cost.

Mike W.

Purchasing Manager

A no-brainer for our operation. Noo one was looking t our shipping accounts before we signed up for Source1 Parcel.

Charles R.

Director of Global Logistics

Cost reconciliation and reporting was a big reason why we signed up for Source1 Parcel. Thge PDF doc propvided helped us visualize cost data.

Julie F.


Our company was shipping via express service types. Source1 Parcel notived 60% of those could have travelled ground and arrived on the same day.

Paul H.


Our previous freight auditing company only secured half of the savings that Source1 Parcel finds and delivers back to our UPS account each week.

Greg J.

Operations Manager

Negotiating our carrier contract with the support of Source1 Parcel showed us exactly how much money we missed out on over the years. Now, we see 15% in savings annually.

Jason L.

Business Owner

Our small business ships for less thanks to Source1 Parcel. Great concept and great billing terms. Thank you.

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